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We offer a full range of moving and packaging materials from cardboard moving cartons, to bubble wrap, poster rolls and moving packages. Our packaging solutions will make your move just that little more stress-free.

Available from our New Plymouth and Whanganui premises. Deliveries can be arranged, terms and conditions apply (contact us for more info).

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TIL-box.jpgTransit Pack / Dish Pack

350 x 350 x 630 H.

$5.00 + G.S.T each

  • A large carton suitable for pillows, blankets, clothing, soft goods and odd furniture.
  • Often used for packing kitchen and fine china contents, glassware and electronic goods.
  • Good strong carton with two-ply cardboard walls.
  • Good for moving house or long term storage.

ACID-FREE-TISSUE.jpgAcid-Free Tissue

1000 very fine sheets per ream.

$38.00 + G.S.T per ream

Great for packing, crystal, Lladro porcelain and very fine china.

Mattress-Bags.jpgMattress Bags

Sizes: King, Queen and Single.

$10.00 + G.S.T Each

Thick plastic mattress bags. Great for keeping your mattress and base clean and dry.

CLOTHING-CARTON.jpgClothing Carton

900 x 460 x 320 H.

$5.00 + G.S.T each

Lay down wardrobe, for all your wardrobe clothing, soft goods and pillows.
Also can be used for packing longer articles and toys.
Often used for items that are not stackable like oddly shaped ornaments.


Poster-Rolls.jpgPoster Rolls

2.4 x 0.80.

$5.00 + G.S.T each

Heavy duty cardboard Roll. Great for all the kids' posters, or kraft Items that you need to roll or protect, can be cut to length.

Tuff-Wrap-Polly-bubble-wrap.jpgTuff Wrap, Polly Bubble Wrap

$180.00 + G.S.T per roll, or $3.00 + G.S.T per metre

Great for wrapping furniture, artwork, mirrors, computers, electronics. This product has many uses and comes in a 1,200 w x 100 metre long roll.
Product has an acid free tissue on one side, thick Polly bubble inner lining and a vinyl waterproof outer. Can be cut and shaped to wrap many products.


Priority-Carton.jpgPriority Carton

300 x 400 x 450 H.

$6.00 + G.S.T each

Used for all the smaller items in a house that you may want to locate and identify easily when it comes to unpack day at your new home. Great for beds parts, screws and fittings, TV remotes and fittings, wires, furniture parts.

Picture-mirror-and-Art-pack.jpgPicture, mirror and art pack

900 x 800 x 100.

$6.00 + G.S.T each sleeve

This Art pack enables framed pictures to be packed for transport. By joining two or more of these sleeves together, you can accommodate larger artworks. Can also be used for plasma panels.

MediumBox-HeavyDuty-2-ply-card.jpgMedium Box Heavy Duty 2ply Card

400 x 300 x 350H.

$3.00 + G.S.T each

Suitable for books, CD’s, tools, archives, or smaller heavier items.

PackingPaper.jpgPacking Paper

Sheet size 570 x 400 approx.

$50.00 + G.S.T 20kg ream, or you can purchase by the kilogram $3.00 + G.S.T per kilo

Packing paper or news print butchers wrap.
For packing crockery, glassware, and fragile valuables into boxes.
Often used for packing kitchen contents, clean and unmarked with ink.
Plates and glassware do not become marked in the packing process.

Flat-lot2.jpgMoving Package - Option 1

Flat lot, or 2 bedroom house.

$380.00 + G.S.T

20 Book cartons.
20 Transit packs.
6 x Clothing Cartons.
2 Rolls of tape.
1 x 20 KG News print Wrap.
1 x Ream of Tissue.
Lounge Suite Plastic Wrap.
4 x Queen/King and Two x Single Plastic Bed bags.
2 x Art packs.
1 x priority box.
4 Meters of Tuff Wrap.

Flat-lot2.jpgMoving Package - Option 2

4 bedroom house lot.

$816.00 + G.S.T

4 Bedroom House lot.
40 x Book Cartons.
40 x Transit Packs.
10 x Clothing Cartons.
6 Rolls of tape.
2 x 20 KG News Print wrap.
1 x Ream of Tissue.
1 x Roll of Tuff warp.
Lounge suite Plastic Wrap.
6 x Queen/King and 6 x single plastic bed bags.
6 x Art Packs.
1 x Priority Box.

Enquire about these products